Body treatments

LPG CELLU M6 KEY-MODULE – a gentle effective cellulite treatment


The Cellu M6 treatment reduces perfectly the appearance of cellulite and circumferential body measurements. It increases skin elasticity and blood circulation, improves the effects of cosmetic surgery, prepares muscles for exertion and helps in the healing of injuries and rehabilitation for sports activities.


Universal Contour Wrap® - Marine mud wrap

The Universal Contour Wrap® is an effective way to achieve weight reduction, detoxify the body, cleanse the skin, combat cellulite, and leave customers feeling totally rejuvenated with a wonderfully smooth and silkier skin texture.

With this wrapping method you will lose weight at selected areas: thighs, hips and buttocks!


Wiener Kosmetikum® - the aromatherapy wrapping method

Forget about loose tissue, unbalanced body proportions and distressful, exhausting diets. The aromatherapy wrapping method is suitable for all customers with figure problems. Furthermore it serves to reduce light to strong cellulite, to smoothen the skin and to tighten weak skin. It supports all purification and detoxification cures as well as fasting cures.

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